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Fast track courses in Bradford, Liverpool and across the UK

Do you have 5 years’ experience or more in your trade?

Then you can spend 1 full day at our CITB approved NVQ Centre in Bradford west Yorkshire and complete your NVQ level 2 via Experienced Worker Practical Assessment route (EWPAr).

The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment route is a method that that allows experienced worker to achieve their NVQ level 2 in their relevant trade through a practical assessment and Professional discussion, using your skills and Knowledge acquired over the years to complete a task in our Centre and usually takes just 1 day. On successful completion of the qualification and a current CSCS health, safety and environment letter you will be able to apply for your Blue Skill Card required to access sites.

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CITB NVQ diploma in Trowel Occupation (construction) Bricklaying a one-day EWPAR

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CITB NVQ diploma in Site Carpentry a one-day EWPAR

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CITB NVQ diploma in Wall and Floor Tiling a one-day EWPAR

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CITB NVQ diploma in Decorative Occupation a one-day EWPAR

Trades available for EWPAR at this time Site Carpentry, Bricklaying Floor and Wall Tiling and Painting & Decorating 
Sample of a qualification
Cskills Awards Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Wall & Floor Tiling 1 Day Experienced Worker Practical Assessment route (EWPAr)

CITB Cskills NVQ certificate in Wall and Floor Tiling the qualification you require to obtain a blue skills card via the Fast track method
Have you got 5 years or more in Tiling then you can spend 1 full day with us at our CITB approved NVQ Centre in Bradford West Yorkshire completing the wall and floor tiling NVQ level 2 Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA).
By converting the skills and Knowledge you have acquired over this time to complete a task in our CITB approved Centre 
Your assessor will support you through a professional discussion, witness testimonies and the practical assessment require completing the EWPA it is possible to achieve the required NVQ level 2 needed to gain access to site work.
This qualification is the one required to attain the blue skilled worker CSCS card and work on site as a tiler.

        Units that make up the Tiling NVQ Level 2
  • QCF641: Conform to general workplace safety
  • QCF642: Conform to efficient work practices
  • QCF03: Move and handle resources
  • QCF141: Prepare surfaces for tiling
  • QCF142: Tile wall and Floor Surfaces

Assessment Criteria for NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Wall & Floor Tiling

The assessment criteria for the above 5 units for the Floor and Wall tiling NVQ can be found on the CITB website. You will be assessed through practical assessment, witness testimonies, professional discussion and direct questioning in order to cover all of the assessment criteria.
The cost of this qualification is Price £750 which and be made in two stage payments, a deposit of £350 to be paid at the time of booking followed by £400 on the day of the assessment.
How the process works…

1) You contact us and enquire about EWPA for your trade. We will explain the process and ask you how many years’ experience you have in your trade area. You must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and have experience & knowledge in all the NVQ units (as above) needed to gain the NVQ.

2) We will pass your details on to our NVQ tiling assessor who will give you a call and complete what we call a ‘skills scan’. This is a chat amongst the two of you where he will want to know what type of work or projects you have been completing and for how long, he will want to know if you have experience and knowledge of the above NVQ units. He will explain that the to achieve the NVQ in tiling you need to achieve all of the below NVQ parts.
The NVQ parts…

NVQ Part 1) Witness testimonies. These are pre-printed in the NVQ pack and are sent out to you a minimum of 5 days before your assessment date at our NVQ Centre in Bradford. You must get them signed by a trade related co-worker who has seen you complete this work in the last 3 years.

NVQ Part 2) Practical assessment. This is where you come to NVQ A & T and complete a practical assessment pre-set by the CITB. The drawing plan with all specifications and measurements is sent out to you a minimum of 5 days before this practical assessment. You must complete the assessment to spec and within the allocated time. You must bring you own tools for the assessment. Waiting for you will be the materials to complete the task.

NVQ Part 3) Professional discussion. This is also completed at NVQ A & T on the same day as your practical assessment. The best way to describe this is like a structured discussion around the NVQ required units. It is not a questions and answers session but more of a talking through jobs or projects you have completed and the assessor may ask you to elaborate on certain parts so you are effectively talking your way through the NVQ units as talking evidence. Thus, turning your experience as a tiler into the NVQ.

NVQ Part 4) Direct Questioning. Some assessment criteria within the NVQ will ask you to ‘state’ or ‘describe’. These will be covered during the professional discussion or by direct questioning. The assessment criteria can be found below the 5 tiling NVQ units listed above.

Time to book it and get on with it…

If you are happy to proceed and you feel confident and our NVQ assessor also feels confident in your ability and experience to achieve the NVQ we can go ahead with booking the tiling NVQ. We require a deposit of £350. We then send you the documentation as detailed above and we will set your tiling NVQ assessment date.

When you arrive for the NVQ assessment you will bring with you your signed witness testimonies and your tools. This is when you will pay the remaining balance of £400. You will then be inducted into the NVQ. During this day, you will complete the practical assessment and professional discussion. Total price £750.

At the end of the day you will be told by the assessor if you have achieved or not achieved. If you have achieved you will be sent your certificate within 14 days (sometimes can be 7 days). You will receive a call when your qualification has been logged on the system which will allow you to apply for your blue skilled worker CSCS card and get on site!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.
Please contact NVQ A & T for more details. We can usually book you in within 2 weeks!

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