Carpentry & Joinery

Carpentry and joinery courses in Bradford and Liverpool

We offer specialised courses in carpentry and joinery for individuals and businesses. At NVQ Assessment and Training, our NVQ courses are designed to help you meet the demands of the trade.

Turn your experience into a qualification in carpentry and joinery

Carpentry and joinery are two trades that require extensive training and a high level of skill and precision. Our assessors can support you where necessary with on the job knowledge, and will ensure you have the relevant skills and qualifications to be able to work on-site safely. 

Level 1 – covers the basic understanding of carpentry and joinery.
EWPAR - the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Route provides a simple method for making sure carpenters and joiners meet the industrial standards. 
OSAT – we arrange site visits for  our assessed assess your work and provide training if required to support you through your qualification.

We also offer short DIY courses.
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Carpentry and joinery NVQ
(5 mandatory, 1 optional):

-Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace 
-Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
-Erecting Structural Carcassing Components in the Workplace
-Installing First Fixing Components in the Workplace
-Installing Second Fixing Components in the Workplace
-Maintaining Non-structural Carpentry Work in the Workplace
-Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace
-Setting Up and Using Transportable Cutting and Shaping Machines in the Workplace

wooden frames

Effective assessment and training

We cover all aspects of the trade and offer extensive on-site experience. We understand the needs of our candidates, and have the ability to offer the training and assessment required for carpentry and joinery courses for individuals and businesses. Based in Bradford we accept applicants from across the UK.
NVQ Assessment and Training in Bradford offers carpentry and joinery courses for applicants across the UK. Contact us on 
01274 985 762 for more information.

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